Sarah Shahi


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Sarah Shahi is so beautiful. 


Her smile. Her ass. Her body. Her personality. Her eyes. Ohman, she is perfect.

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(Source: fuckyeahsarahshahi)

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To that person who you follow who also follows you and you reblog each others stuff but don’t talk and seem to have a mutual respect for each other 


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Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi

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God was onto a fucking winner when he made Sarah Shahi 

Have not been on for a few days 

Has made me very happy to come back to 25 new followers :)

Anonymous wrote: "sarah shahi,may i ask you why you have a web-site that has fuck yeah sarah shahi,i would i have to do to get a date with you"

Sarah doesn’t have a website that says fuck yeah Sarah Shahi :) I have a blog that says that lol. Here is her website if you don’t know already I’m assuming you don’t as you think I am her :)

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